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UPDATE: Rescuers reach Portland climber stranded in storm on Mount Hood


Late Wednesday night, Clackamas County search-and-rescue teams reached a 30-year-old Portland man who became stranded on Mount Hood in a storm and were guiding him off the mountain.

A 13-person team from Portland Mountain Rescue found Jeff Kish near the 10,000-foot level of the mountain at about 11:45 p.m. and were helping him warm up before making the descent. The rescuers used GPS coordinates from Kish’s cell phone to track him.

Kish set out for the summit of Mount Hood from Timberline Lodge at 2:30 Wednesday morning and was expected to return by about 3 p.m. A storm forced him to take shelter early in the afternoon, deputies said, and Kish reportedly was prepared with food and water.

Sheriff’s deputies said visibility because of the storm was so bad that Kish could only see about four feet in front of him. The area is surrounded by clouds and one to three inches of snow is expected overnight.

Since the ordeal began, Kish has kept in touch with sheriff’s deputies and his family using the cell phone. He also has posted messages to his Facebook page using the phone.

"You're gonna hear about it in the news anyway, may as well spill it myself," Kish wrote at about 2 p.m. on his Facebook page. "Got stuck in a storm on the summit of mt. Hood. Stuck on cliffs over 10,000' in a white out. Called 911 after several hours of trying to self rescue. Search and rescue has been notified. Wish me luck!"

Another post at about 3 p.m. put Kish's location near the 10,064-foot level. He wrote on Facebook that he was unsure of where he was, "other than right on the edge of some gnarly cliff."