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PPS tops Portland-area Google searches


Portlanders used Google most often to search for “Portland Public Schools,” according to a new list of the search engine’s Top 10 searched terms.

According to Google’s 12th annual “Year-end Zeitgeist,” PPS topped other search terms including “Craigslist Portland” (No. 2), “LA Fitness Portland (No. 3), Costco (No. 4), “Olympics 2012” (No. 5), “Easter 2012” (No. 6), “OnPoint Community Credit Union” (No. 7), “iPhone 5” (No. 8), “Mother’s Day 2012” (No 9), and “Mega Millions” (No. 10).

The search terms come from local IP addresses searched on Google.com, which are then ranked in order by volume of searches.

Every year Google highlights the Top 10 most searched terms in most major metropolitan cities across the U.S. This year there were 838 lists among a total of 55 countries.

"It's a fun way to look at people, events and the trending events that capture people's attention," says Roya Soleimani, the Bay Area-based senior communications associate with Google who co-led the project.

For the first time this year Google also looked at the top 10 most searched restaurants on Zagat in Portland.

The list is topped by popular favorites Pok Pok, Le Pigeon, Castagna, and Portland City Grill.

The other eateries, in descending order, include: Gruner, JORY, Oba, Veritable Quandary, Bluehour, and Ned Ludd.

Nationally, the most searched TV show was "American Idol;" the biggest trending TV show was "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," the reality show about a child beauty pageant participant.

In Ohio, a swing state during the presidential election, the biggest trending topic was the election results. In New York, it was Hurricane Sandy; in Georgia and other places, it was the Trayvon Martin shooting case.

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