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by: COURTESY OF TRIMET - Buster the beagle gets a ride home from TriMet Road Supervisor Jerry Zornado.Buster Brown busted out of his yard early Friday morning and ended up going for a not-so-wild ride on a TriMet bus.

Buster, a 12-year-old beagle who lives in Southeast Portland, took a bus ride, got a quick medical check and then, about a half-hour later, was chauffeured home by a TriMet supervisor. His owner, Jennifer Estevez, was relieved to get Buster back.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to not only rescue him but for making sure he got home safely,” Estevez told TriMet officials. “That was above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate it so much.”

Buster’s big day started at about 9 a.m., when he was spotted running in traffic near Southeast Foster road and 94th Avenue. Bus Line 14 operator Chera Collings saw the dog and coaxed him onboard the bus, where he was the center of attention for passengers.

While Collings called TriMet dispatchers, a veterinarian technician on the bus gave Buster a quick checkup. Dispatchers called Multnomah County Animal Control, but no one was available to pick up Buster, so he rode the bus until a supervisor could catch up to the bus.

by: COURTESY OF TRIMET - A TriMet bus operator discovered Buster the beagle in traffic Friday morning and helped return him to his Southeast Portland owner.Road Supervisor Jerry Zornado met the bus near Southeast 50th Avenue and Lincoln Street. Using the dog’s collar with his nametag, Zornado called the owner. No one answered, so he put Buster in his vehicle and drove about three miles to the dog’s house. No one was home, but there was a note on the door asking that packages be delivered to the back.

TriMet Lead Supervisor Jim Waddington, who was nearby, met Zornado at the house and the two men lifted the dog over the fence and into his backyard. They also plugged the hole that the dog likely used for his escape with flowerpots and other items.

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