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Congressman Kurt Schrader on Thursday led a bipartisan group of 80 U.S. House and Senate members, dubbed the No Labels Problem Solvers, in unveiling a legislative initiative intended to make government work more effectively and to end partisan political gridlock in Washington.

Schrader, a Democrat from Canby, last week told members of the Milwaukie Rotary, that the No Labels “Make Government Work” package would include “nine smart and sensible bills” to consolidate duplicative governmental programs and get rid of waste and abuse in governmental spending. The Government Accountability Office this year identified more than 162 examples of governmental duplication or other inefficiencies, and Schrader estimates that billions of dollars could be saved in following more of these recommendations.

“We problem solvers are committed to working with one another, regardless of party or ideology, and finding common ground on noncontroversial reforms to make our government work more efficiently for the American people,” Schrader said after the July 18 No Labels event on Capitol Hill. “Everyone can agree that the government can work better, regardless of if you believe there should be more or less.”

Schrader is a cosponsor of all nine No Labels bills and is the author of HR 2686, “No Adding, No Padding.” HR 2686 would end automatic year-to-year spending increases in agency budgets and require agencies who request increases in funding to justify that spending to Congress.

Although the No Labels group is emphasizing governmental consolidation, it also proposed the creation of a new Commission for Government Transformation to transform various federal government programs. Other bills unveiled on Nolabels.com include a proposed two-year budgeting process, and a mandate that if Congress cannot pass a budget and all annual spending bills on time, members should not get paid.

No Labels, a group Schrader co-founded in January, is comprised of Republicans, Democrats and Independents dedicated to promoting a new politics of problem solving in America.

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