State Rep. Dennis Richardson, a Central Point Republican, officially announced his candidacy for governor on Wednesday.

Elected to his first term in 2002, Richardson is hoping to take on incumbent Gov. John Kitzhaber by emphasizing experience co-chairing Oregon's Ways and Means Committee during the 2011 session. Richardson says he’s worked to restore property rights, improve Oregon's business environment, create family-wage jobs and expand Oregon’s markets abroad.

by: RICHARDSON FOR GOVERNOR CAMPAIGN - State Rep. Dennis Richardson is pictured in the Salem Capitol Building toward the end of the legislative session last month.“I wouldn’t have attempted this if I didn’t think that the time was right for a change in leadership to benefit our economy and our schools,” he said. “I’ve been a person who had been working toward these ends in the Legislature.”

Outside of Southern Oregon, Richardson is often known for sending waves of emails and for controversial writings, such as when he suggested that he could have prevented the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting if he had been a teacher there with a weapon. Richardson denied that he had been mulling a run for statewide office when he made a public-records request to state agencies for email addresses.

“The purpose of the newsletter has been to inform citizens of the business of their state,” he said. “The most recent session has shown that leadership is too much influenced by the coalition of the status quo.”

Richardson has served as chairman of School District 6’s Budget Committee and as a member of the Central Point City Council. Earning his law degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at B.Y.U. in 1979, he has been a practicing attorney in Central Point for 30 years, focused on protecting the rights of Oregon consumers as an insurance attorney. When someone wanted to open a pornography shop just blocks from two elementary schools in downtown Central Point, Richardson joined the fight.

His private jet is scheduled to arrive at PDX in time for him to get on the MAX Cascade Station platform at 3:50 p.m. That train arrives at 4:25 p.m. at the Convention Center for a 4:45 p.m. rally and talk with media before going to Hot Lips Pizza for an after-party.

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