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TriMet: Fare enforcement way up

Figures show 10-fold increase in citations since December 2010

Citations and exclusions for riding TriMet buses and MAX trains without a valid tickets increased significantly from December 2010 to December 2011, according to figures released by the regional transit agency on Tuesday.

TriMet moved to increase fare enforcement last year. Among other things, six new supervisors were hired, bringing the fare inspection team to an equivalent of 18 full-time fare enforcers. The dedicated fare inspection team is augmented by all other supervisors spending an hour a day checking fares.

Since TriMet began emphasizing enforcement in mid-July, riders without a valid fare have faced a $175 citation or an exclusion up to 90 days.

The figures show TriMet issued 1,447 citation in December 2011 compared to just 137 in December 2010.

The number of exclusions also increased significantly compared to December 2010, jumping from 426 to 746 in December 2011.

The number of warnings dropped over the year, falling from 1,100 in December 2010 to 474 in December 2011.