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Gov. John Kitzhaber is focused on tax reform for Oregon. Can you say “sales tax?” The sales tax debate in Oregon is just as boring as the Republicans in Congress constantly trying to overturn Obamacare. You’ve tried, you’ve failed, and it’s time to move on. A sales tax in Oregon will just never fly. After all, how can we trust people to add 7 percent to the cost of goods and services when we don’t trust them to pump their own gas?


We thought Oregon was weird, but in California a new law will require insurance companies to cover fertility treatments for same-sex couples. Guess we’re not the only ones who didn’t pay attention in biology class.


Listen up Blazer fans, Mickey-D’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg is the 100-point replacement for Taco Bell Chalupas during the upcoming season. We know people with glove box’s filled with unused chalupa coupons. We suspect the McMuffins won’t be hoarded like that and that drive-thrus will be busy after games. Odd-servation: You’ll get many times the cholesterol with the McMuffin than a chalupa with every 100-point plus Blazers victory. Drumming up biz for Moda Healthcare?


According to the Oregon State Police, one in 16 adults is licensed to carry a concealed weapon in Oregon. We wonder why so many people think they need a gun in this state? And if almost everyone has a gun, maybe it would just be safer to wear a Kevlar body suit. Either way, better think twice before you violate the 15 items-or-less rule at the grocery store.


Oregon released the list of top performing schools in the state. As usual, it’s about test results and how much the student body improves from year-to-year in various categories. Why do we rate the schools? Shouldn’t we be heaping praise on the parents and families that attend those high-performing schools? They’re the ones making the difference. Don’t believe it? Take the entire staff from any five-star school and put them in the lowest-performing school. It wouldn’t change anything. Certainly there are bad teachers, but for the most part, the teachers are doing all they can, given the hand they are dealt. It’s time to stop judging the staff and start demanding more from the “under-performing” families.


Nothing good ever comes of a sentence that begins, “In Montana ...” However, they’re happy in Helena now that it’s legal to salvage road kill for the dinner table. It’s not just legal, it’s also going to be convenient. You can now go online to get a permit to eat your flattened squirrel. And very soon, there will be an app for that as well. Something tells us, people who eat road kill don’t have a “smart” phone.


Portland neurosurgeon Monica Wehby may throw her hat into the ring for a 2014 GOP U.S. Senate run against Democrat Jeff Merkley. She’s concerned with Congress’ inability to get things done. In which case, shouldn’t the good doc make a run at a House seat? That’s who’s holding up the show. Before you ask “Is there a doctor in the house?” there are 16 in the 113th, by our count. OB/GYNs are the top discipline. She’d be the first neurosurgeon. What they need are more psychiatrists.


Mark says: VA benefits at risk, national parks and monuments closed and locked down, entitlements on hold ... and people are complaining? What part of government shutdown do we not understand? The dictionary definition of a shutdown is: the cessation of an operation or activity. Yes, it inconveniences people, some much more than others, and we should remember those deeply affected by trying to help them as a community. And yes, some government agencies are darlings, termed “essential” and they continue. Determining what’s essential ahead of this unlikely event isn’t such an easy task, and no one can get it right every time. Is this the same government we complained about before the shutdown and now is the one we can’t live without? Guess it’s more necessary than we thought. Until the children in D.C. grow up and end their tantrums, we don’t have to act like children, too. This is a good time to evaluate what is essential to us and what is not. Then remember it at election time.

Dave says: We should never refer to it as a government shutdown. Instead, just say, “We’re closed for repairs. Reopening soon, under new management.”

Mark and Dave will return to the radio at 3 p.m. Monday, Oct. 21. More at www.facebook.com/themarkanddaveshow

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