New sign, website look to create a recognizable identity for the city

For Dundee, it’s more than just a sign, it’s part of an effort to re-brand the city as a destination and instill a recognizable image.

So recognizable that Dundee Mayor Ted Crawford said he hopes if someone was transported blindfolded to Dundee, they would know where they are based on the imagery they see on local signs. by: GARY ALLEN - Visible re-brand -- The new sign in Dundee, located at First Street and Highway 99W, represents more than a welcome to the city. It's part of a re-branding effort and includes establishing a sense of place based on the sign's graphic.

“(I wanted) an iconic, recognizable logo for Dundee, to establish a sense of place,” Crawford said.

A new welcome sign was installed at First Street and Highway 99W and consists of a colorful depiction of the Dundee hills and river, framed by a wine glass. The logo’s graphic is being used for both city and tourism purposes, but Crawford said the hill and river graphic is only framed by a wine glass for the tourism aspect; when it represents the city, the same graphic is framed by a leaf.

“I’ve already had pushback from citizens who are unhappy with a wine glass on the sign,” he said.

But Donna Morris of the Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association (DHWA) said she thinks the sign turned out wonderfully.

“I’m actually really quite pleased,” she said. “It’s an attractive way to welcome people to the city.”

While the entire re-branding was a city effort, the sign was a collaboration between the city and the DHWA.

“We thought Dundee and the Dundee hills really needed a way to know you’re entering the beautiful area,” Morris said. “We thought it made a great deal of sense to partner (with the city).”

Crawford said the DHWA contributed $5,000 toward the total $20,000 needed for the sign and landscaping. With some funds remaining, he said he hopes to replace the chain link fence with a wooden one and finish landscaping the area.

“There’s about 60 to 70 feet still (covered) with St. John’s wort and blackberries,” he said.

The city’s re-brand also includes a revamped website.

“We already built (a new website) four years ago. We wanted a website that was easier to maintain, but in order to do that it was much more expensive than we budgeted four years ago,” Crawford said.

So the revamped website is now easier to maintain and “keeps content fresh.”

“We worked to build the website to show off branding, and be more flexible with news and events rather than just general information,” he said. “It’s driven by events in the area.”

This is in part to portray Dundee as a base for operations, he said. The maps on the site show surrounding wineries and places to visit, with Dundee as a focal point.

“For if you want to stay for more than an afternoon of wine tasting,” Crawford said.

For more information about Dundee or to see the new brand, visit www.traveldundee

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