County Chairman John Ludlow refused to apologize Thursday for what an Oak Grove resident called “derisive” comments against American Medical Response’s timing to help a Clackamas County employee in Oregon City.

Amid votes against renewing AMR’s contract last month, Ludlow said Feb. 6 that AMR was “late,” and that he “knew everything” about the Jan. 30 incident.

According to AMR employee Charles Savoie’s testimony at the Feb. 27 meeting, dispatch services identified the Red Soils call as non-life-threatening, and the closest ambulance was diverted to another call that was triaged as potentially life threatening. The next-closest ambulance was dispatched and arrived less than 15 minutes later.

“I don’t care what the fire department said to you,” Ludlow said. “All I know is that, and I know the tapes and what time you got into the elevator, etcetera — I don’t care about non-life-threatening — I’ve never seen, or I’ve rarely seen, anybody in that kind of agony.”

Despite a response from County Commissioner Paul Savas saying the fire department decided there was no need for immediate transport as they stabilized the man in pain, Ludlow stuck with his assessment that AMR was “late” and that he hoped he never needs ambulance rescue.

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