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The Portland School Board unanimously ratify a new three-year labor agreement with the Portland Association of Teachers at its Monday evening meeting.

After the vote, the district issued the following statement:

“I want to recognize the hard work of both teams at the bargaining table,” said Supt. Carole Smith. “Part of what happened over these last 10 months was the most significant rewrite of the contract in the last 30 years, and I feel really proud that we reached a negotiated settlement at the table and avoided a strike. The contract reflects a lot of a good things about how we do our work together.”

The ratified contract adds teachers to schools, adds school days, raises teacher pay and maintains strong benefits, helps Portland keep and hire the best educators for our students, and puts teachers in the best position to be successful in the classroom.

PAT members ratified the contract on Feb. 27.

“We want to thank all of you, as well as the Portland Association for Teachers, for prioritizing school-based needs that most affect student achievement at our schools,” said Lincoln High School Principal Peyton Chapman, speaking as president of the Portland Association of Public Schools Administrators.

“I think this is an extraordinary contract, and I know it was hard to get here. I’m excited because there are really good things in here for teachers, and really good things in here for students, and there are good things in here that keep us in line with our state funding,” said Board Co-Chair Greg Belisle.

Board members expressed gratitude to both bargaining teams. Board members also said they are hopeful PPS and PAT will work together as the contract is implemented.

“This contract puts us on a path to greater student success, a shared commitment that both teams had in this process,” said Board Member Matt Morton. “Like any good agreement, it really is going to come down to implementation, and it is my belief that this implementation won’t be successful unless we come together as partners to make it successful.”

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