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Tigard man to be re-sentenced for 2006, 2007 rapes


A Washington County judge postponed the sentencing of a Tigard man accused of raping two women in 2006 and 2007.

Ronald Leistiko, 59, was found guilty of two counts of rape last week, following a re-trial prompted by the Oregon Supreme Court.

Leistiko was originally found guilty of the crimes, as well as sex abuse, kidnapping, assault, delivery of cocaine, furnishing alcohol to a minor, strangulation and prostitution in 2008. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

But the Oregon Supreme Court overturned the two rape convictions in 2012, ruling that the lower court should not have allowed an additional alleged victim to testify.

That woman was not one of the three victims in the case, and no charges were ever filed for her alleged rape.

Leistiko hired the women on Craigslist to come to his home where he raped them, prosecutors said during his trials.

One victim told police she was paid $2,000 to dance for him at his home while he pleasured himself. She told police that during the dance, he tackled her and smothered her face with a pillow while he raped her.

A second woman, a prostitute who was 15 at the time, visited him three times at his home.

The pair had initially agreed that Leistiko would wear a condom during their encounters, but prosecutors argued that during one encounter, he removed the prophylactic and raped her.

An additional victim was an unlicensed masseuse who said she went to his home to give him a massage and refused his advances. She testified that Leistiko eventually became forceful, held her down and raped her.

Charges were never filed in that case, but the judge allowed her testimony in Leistiko’s trial.

The jury convicted Leistiko of raping the two women. He was found not guilty of raping a third woman, who said Leistiko forced himself on her after meeting him in the “women for men” section of Craigslist.

Leistiko appealed his convictions, saying that the jury was prejudiced against him because of the additional testimony.

The Oregon Supreme Court wrote that the lower courts should not have allowed the additional woman to testify. The court ruled that the masseuse’s testimony proved Leistiko found women on Criagslist with the hope of consensual sex, but was not enough to prove that he planned to rape the other women.

Leistiko’s re-trial wrapped up last week, but Washington County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Kohl re-scheduled Leistiko’s sentencing to Wednesday morning to clear up a legal matter.

At issue is whether Kohl should re-sentence Leistiko for each of the charges or just the two rape charges.

The Oregon Supreme Court did not overturn any of Leistiko’s other convictions, but Deputy District Attorney Jeff Lesowski argued that the judge should re-sentence Leistiko for each of the more than 20 charges he was convicted of, including the new rape convictions.

Leistiko’s sentencing was re-set for 1 p.m. on Friday.