Mayor Sam Adams on Monday released the first of his proposed agency budgets for next fiscal year's budget. Because of declining property values and the sluggish economy, the City Council must cut approximately $17 million in discretionary general fund dollars from the budget that begins on July 1.

The first recommendations only affects five small agencies, however, and save just over $403,000. Adams did not even cut one of the agencies, the Office of Equity, which was created in the current budget.

'As the newest City office, with a recently hired director, it is essential that the City fully support this important effort to ensure that Portland is a more equitable and just city where all Portlanders have the equal opportunity to access safe housing, healthy neighborhoods, quality education and living wage jobs,' the Mayor's Office said in a prepared statement.

The other agencies are: the Office of Community Technology, which is proposed to be cut $233,852; Government Relations, which is proposed to be cut $18,935; the City Attorney's Office, which is proposed to be cut $108,251; and the Bureau of Emergency management, which is proposed to be cut $42,411.

Under the city's budget process, Adams will submit a proposed budget to the council in coming weeks. The Oregon Constitution requires that it be balanced. The council must approve it by mid-June.

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