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Happy School Lunch Week; Oregon brings home mixed report card


It's National School Lunch Week, and Oregon just brought home a mixed report card.

Three organizations — Upstream Public Health, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon and the American Heart Association — released a report on Wednesday that looks at progress made toward healthy, local meals for K-12 students in the state.

The report, "Oregon’s Healthy School Food Report Card,” highlights these accomplishments:

• All school districts in Oregon have access to extra funds to buy and serve local foods.

• 95 percent of schools offer breakfast to students.

• 30,000 additional kids from low-income families now have access to free breakfast and lunch at school.

The report also spotlights areas for improvement, including:

• Establishing rules to prohibit in-school marketing of junk food to children.

• Increasing access to chilled and filtered drinking water, a zero-calorie healthy beverage option.

• Increasing enrollment among eligible Oregon schools and districts in the Community Eligibility Program, which allows schools to offer meals at no charge to all students.

Upstream Public Health is a Portland nonprofit, formed in 2002 to tackle issues including healthy schools, tobacco prevention, transportation and land use, climate change, dental health, health equity, and food and nutrition.

For more: upstreampublichealth.org.