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PORTLAND TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - The City of Bridges' newest bridge, Tilikum Crossing, opened to fanfare this fall. Can you remember all the big and small stories of 2015? Try to pick the one or two correct answers to the following questions. The right ones are at the bottom.

1. Portland Mayor Charlie Hales dropped his re-election bid, saying he preferred to:

a.) Take a lobbying job with Uber

b.) Go hiking on Hayden Island 

c.) “Wonk out” over the new comprehensive land-use plan

d.) Move to Rome to help Pope Francis forestall climate change

2. Uber — bashed for operating illegally in Portland, buying influence at City Hall by hiring the city’s top campaign consultant as a lobbyist, and underinsuring its drivers — sought to boost its local image by:  

a.) Agreeing to pay sick leave for its drivers

b.) Paying for its drivers’ health insurance 

c.) Subsidizing drivers for adding wheelchair lifts

d.) Having its drivers deliver adoptable kittens to people’s doorsteps 

3. Portland’s new tree code that took effect in January:

a.) Banned the cutting of sequoia trees

b.) Required porta-potties for tree-sitters when they’re on duty

c.) Required permits before residents can prune twigs from trees in their parking strips

d.) Cracked down on developers who clear-cut to build new homes

4. A first-of-its-kind homeless shelter opened in downtown Portland in November. The shelter is innovative because:

a.) It’s for dogs only, no cats.

b.) It does not serve espresso.

c.) Only men with beards six inches or longer are allowed.

d.) It serves homeless veterans and their pets.

5. Three giant sequoias were threatened in September by a developer’s chain-saws in the Eastmoreland neighborhood. Who ultimately came to their rescue?

a.) “South Park” co-creator Matt Stone and a ragtag group calling themselves the Ewok Village

b.) The Ents, screaming: “A wizard should know better!”

c.) The Whomping Willow of Hogwarts

d.) The Stumptown Stump Stompers

6. Portland Public Schools board member Mike Rosen quit his job at the city of Portland because:

a.) He wanted to pursue a rap career under the label Woodlawn4Lyfe.

b.) He was super depressed ... and probably called Commissioner Nick Fish an “asshole” to his face.

c.) He felt the Bureau of “Environmental Services” should be doing more to add feng shui to streetscapes.

d.) He escaped to an ashram and achieved enlightenment.

7. What brouhaha nearly killed the Portland opening of 10 Barrel Brewing Co. earlier this year, making waves in the craft brewing scene here and nationally?

a.) Being bought out by Anheuser-Busch/In-Bev in late 2014

b.) Getting busted by the OLCC for sneaking pot brownies on the menu before it was legal

c.) Delaying their Portland opening because they mixed 10 barrels of whiskey into their IPA by accident

d.) Trying to open as a giant brewpub food cart, causing jealousy among other brewpubs who wished they thought of it first

8. What are some of the unique features of Portland’s newest bridge, Tilikum Crossing, which opened this fall?

a.) A campfire circle at the center for Native American-style salmon bakes

b.) Hitching posts for ropes and harnesses for future kayactivists

c.) A mini field for ultimate Frisbee players to play “catch the Orange”

d.) Extended viewing platforms called “belvederes” to enjoy the view without being trampled

9. Vision Zero is the city’s new initiative to do what, exactly?

a.) Stop MAX trains when the water level on the rails reaches just above eye level

b.) Eliminate traffic deaths in the city to zero

c.) Round up all the downtown panhandlers to one sidewalk, out of sight, so other sidewalks are clear for shopping

d.) Counsel rookie marijuana smokers who’ve used too much

10. Neighbors in Northeast Portland are working on revitalizing an unused green space called Gateway Green for what purpose?

a.) A dedicated outdoor film set for “Portlandia,” “Grimm,” “Leverage” and other shows

b). A concert venue for Portland Public School choirs banned from singing at the Grotto

c.) A bike race course involving obstacles, costumes and lots of mud

d.) A hydroponic grow site for local upstart marijuana entrepreneurs

11. Several administrators at Portland Public Schools got big pay raises recently. Why is that?

a.) Graduation rates hit 100 percent and Portland kids are all on track for the governor’s 40/40/20 college-and-career readiness plan.

b.) There was a mix up in Congress and U.S. Department of Defense funds went to the U.S. Department of Education.

c.) Special education is now seamlessly integrated with general education, talented and gifted children are universally identified, and teachers have all the support they need to manage huge class sizes with broad spectrums of ability.

d.) They wanted to keep up with the Joneses.

12. Since taking office as Multnomah County chair in January, which of these actions has Deborah Kafoury not taken?

a.) Trying to house all of Portland’s veterans in 100 days

b.) Cracking down on tobacco sales and e-cigarettes to minors

c.) Moving the county’s headquarters to the soon-to-open replacement Sellwood Bridge to see if it collapses

d.) Convincing the 44-year-old Veritable Quandary restaurant it will be a great move to site a new county courthouse right next door at the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge

13. Portland cyclists held several protests this year. What were they so upset about?

a.) Falling just short of the Guinness World Record for most people in a World Naked Bike Ride

b.) A string of traffic crashes that killed and injured people on bike and foot this spring

c.) The city’s mountain biking bans at River View Natural Area and Forest Park trails

d.) Both b and c

14. The Multnomah Education Service District signed controversial payout deals with which three former top employees this year?

a.) Superintendant Barbara Jorgensen, 2014 Oregon Teacher of the Year Brett Bigham, and Human Resources Director and Legal Counsel Heyke Nickerson

b.) Former Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto, former Mayor Sam Adams, and former Rep. David Wu

c.) The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus

d.) What’s a service district? And who cares how it spends its millions? Make it rain, taxpayers!

15. What was the main attraction at the “Portlandia” statue’s 30th birthday party this year?

a.) Sculptor Raymond Kaskey patrolling the grounds and demanding royalties from those who posted selfies with the statue

b.) Singer Storm Large singing “Happy Birthday” amid a crowd of elementary school kids

c.) Former Mayor Bud Clark wandering around in a trench coat

d.) Portland Police trying to roust “Portlandia” from her spot at the Portland Building

16. Multnomah County created a flap by:

a.) Banning employees from bringing brown-bag lunches containing gluten

b.) Encouraging a homeless camp in the parking lot at the Hawthorne Building

c.) Jacking up property taxes for Portlanders who built accessory dwelling units

d.) Granting tax breaks to residents who plant butterfly-friendly gardens in their yards 

17. An OHSU oncologist published a national study met with glee by climate change deniers. The study:

a.) Showed an incredible level of hyperbole in scientific reports

b.) Was published on nonrecyclable paper

c.) Claimed burning fossil fuels could cure cancer

d.) Proved that polar ice caps were more useful for margaritas on the rocks anyway

18. An expensive Northwest Portland home drew the ire of neighbors because:

a.) New owners painted it fuchsia with orange trim

b). New owners took a decade to extensively remodel the house — while living elsewhere

c.) Their holiday lights display featured a neon depiction of the prophet Mohammed.

d.) They installed a motion-activated front door device that screamed knock-knock jokes at visitors.

19. Oregon Public Broadcasting brought Portland Public Schools to court in November. Why was that?

a). “This American Life” host Ira Glass demanded to be a “So You Think You Can Dance”-style judge for the Jefferson Dancers.

b.) In a bid to cut back on teacher salaries, PPS instead decided to just live-stream a feed from Oregon Field Guide producers in science classes.

c.) PPS blocked a reporter from a meeting advertised as “public,” by which the district apparently meant “public for everyone but those who operate in the public interest.”

d.) Wait, wait ... Don’t tell me.

20. After opening the MAX Orange Line between Portland and Milwaukie on time and under budget, TriMet next received national attention for:

a.) Converting all buses to run on clean burning propane

b.) Easily finding enough money to fund the coming Southwest Corridor high-capacity transit line

c.) Knocking MAX trains out of service by driving them through a flooded rail line

d.) Offering free rides on Clean Air Action days

21. Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey said he would not file for Portland mayor until January because:

a). He wants to keep state treasurer and mayoral candidates guessing, despite releasing a campaign-paid poll showing he’s ahead in the race.

b.) There are so many back-to-back commission meetings on issues of concern to all county residents that he just hasn’t had the time yet.

c.) Voters don’t even know there’s an election coming up next year anyway.

d.) He wants to receive his commission salary for another year.

22. The Metro Council voted not to expand the urban growth boundary this year because:

a.) There’s no money for new maps.

b.) There’s already more than enough room in the existing UGB for 400,000 additional people.

c.) None of the councilors could understand the complex state land-use planning law requirements.

d.) Portland said it can accommodate 123,000 more housing units.

23. The Pacific Northwest College of Art’s move to a new headquarters at 511 N.W. Broadway included what feature?

a.) A crying room designed by pop artist Kenny Scharf for students with hurt feelings

b.) A digital sound studio

c.) An Apple Pay station in the office of student finances

d). An armory

24. Architect Kengo Kuma was announced as the designer of an extension to what cultural institution in Portland?

a.) The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

b.) Centennial Mills

c.) The Portland Building

d.) The Portland Japanese Garden

25. LEVER Architecture unveiled plans for a 12-story mixed-use building in the Pearl made primarily of what material?

a.) Aluminum cans

b.) Graphene

c.) Unread Sunday Oregonians pressed and glued together into panels

d.) Pine two-by-sixes pressed and glued together into panels

26. The Portland Timbers became the first major league team in Portland to win a title since 1977. Their total player salary bill was:

a) $6.1 million

b.) $61 million

c.) $4 million

d.) $18 million

27. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders drew an overcapacity crowd to which venue in August 2015?

a.) The Multnomah Athletic Club in Goose Hollow

b.) The Nike Campus in Washington County

c.) The Moda Center in the Lloyd District

d.) Norse Hall on Northeast 11th Ave

28. A new homeless camp was established at North Greeley and Interstate, named:

a.) Yard by Skylab

b.) Wrong2Dream2

c.) Charlie Hales Commons

d.) Hazelnut Grove

29. Greenpeace activists who descended on Portland to protest arctic oil drilling performed what action?

a.) Tipped over Car2Goes, then put them back

b.) Dangled from the St. Johns Bridge to block large vessels

c.) Duct-taped their mouths shut in front of City Hall

d.) Covered “Portlandia” in toilet paper

30. Why did the City Council vote to spend around $200 million to keep and renovate the aging Portland Building that houses most city bureaus?

a.) Everyone agrees that Michael Graves’ postmodern architectural vision only gets better with age.

b.) The Portlandia statue is best viewed squeezed between buildings on Southwest Fifth Avenue instead of facing the park on the other side.

c.) Experts said it’s the cheapest option.

d.) We don’t have enough to complain about.

31. What did former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber do before he resigned on Feb. 13?

a.) Broke up with first lady Cylvia Hayes and admitted he’d been so blinded by love and didn’t understand she was using their relationship to line her pockets

b.) Called Secretary of State Kate Brown back from a meeting in Washington, D.C., and then said he was surprised to see her.

c.) Held a news conference and announced “I am not a crook” and “You won’t have John Kitzhaber to kick around anymore.”

d.) Pardoned everyone in Oregon ever convicted on marijuana charges because voters legalized it last November.


1. c, 2. d 3. c, 4. d, 5. a, 6. b, 7. a,

8. d, 9. b, 10. c, 11. d, 12. c, 13. d, 14. a, 15. b, 16. c, 17. a, 18. b,

19. c, 20. c, 21. d, 22. b and d, 23. b, 24. d, 25. d, 26. a, 27. c,

28. d, 29. b, 30. c, 31. b