COURTESY METRO - Schools, colleges and major commercial destinations are all part of a map of the potential route and station locations for the Powell-Division bus rapid transit line. Weigh in now through Jan. 8.
Metro and TriMet are asking the public to help identify the best locations for the stops for the new bus rapid transit line being designed between Portland and Gresham.

The new line is intended to improve transit between the two cities along portions of Southeast Powell and Southeast Division. The Powell-Division Transit and Development Project has launched a multilingual online survey to get residents’ input on where stations should be located. It is open through Jan. 8.

Planners have created a map of proposed stations that would serve 74 percent of riders at the same place they get on and off the bus today, but with a better experience. Almost everyone else would find a new BRT station within a few blocks of where they get on or off the bus today.

But planners want to know how well the proposed map fits people’s needs, if any potential stations are missing, and what kinds of things could make it difficult to get to a new station.

The public’s feedback matters to help the steering committee decide on a final route and station map by March.

The survey can be found at

More information on the project can be found at

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