Episode 4 of "The Bachelor" was full of contestant drama

Just when you think the drama on “The Bachelor” might subside for a bit, some contestant seemingly goes out of their way to keep things interesting.

Episode 4, which aired Monday, Jan. 25, picked up largely where Episode 3 left off, casting Olivia, the news anchor, in the role as the contestant who continued to garner attention for all the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, West Linn’s Lauren Bushnell (Lauren B) solidified herself even further as one of the favorites on the show.Lauren Bushnell

For the uninitiated, the premise for the reality show is one man dating numerous women at once, trying to find his soul mate.

Episode 4 started with Bachelor Ben Higgins taking the women to Las Vegas for a trifecta of one-on-one and group dates. A helicopter arrived to take JoJo and Higgins to an undisclosed rooftop, but not until wind from the chopper blew over the table holding the pair’s champagne glasses, nearly toppling them over in the process.

The pair finished the date on another rooftop where they watched a barrage of fireworks, where JoJo received a rose.

Bushnell was included on the group date, where — much to the horror of most contestants — Higgins informed them of the subject of the group date: performing in a talent show as the opening act for Las Vegas ventriloquist Terry Fator.

After performances that included Irish dancing from twin contestants Emily and Haley, a cello performance from Jubilee and an interesting routine from Lauren H that included a chicken suit, Bushnell took the stage. Her juggling talent seemed to impress Higgins but the real highlight of the group date was Olivia, who has earned the reputation as the most talkative and least liked contestant by the other women. She performed a cringe-worthy half-clothed dance routine — complete with her climbing out of a giant cake.

After finishing she immediately realized she had somewhat humiliated herself, leading to what multiple contestants deemed “a complete meltdown.”

The group date then transitioned to a cocktail hour, where each contestant received a few moments with Higgins. This was the part of the episode where the real interactions took place, and where Bushnell once again set herself apart from the other contestants. Bushnell admitted to Higgins that she had missed him a great deal since their one-on-one date in Episode 3, which prompted reassuring from Higgins. Bushnell was later given the group date rose, solidifying her safety and advancing her to episode five next week.

While Bushnell showed her relationship with Higgins is evolving into something that could potentially last past the television show, Olivia continued the drama-filled antics the following day when contestant Becca was awarded the episode’s final one-on-one date. Becca and Higgins ventured to a Las Vegas marriage chapel where they were tasked with marrying couples: Higgins revealed to Becca that he had just become an ordained minister.

Higgins married at least six couples, with Becca standing by his side for encouragement, leading to another serious, intimate conversation at the end of the date. Becca was a contestant on Season 19 of “The Bachelor,” making it all the way to the final three before leaving the show. Higgins revealed he was somewhat concerned that her heart might not be in the right place, but after some reassurance, Becca received a date rose, paving the way for the episode’s finishing rose ceremony.

That’s when Olivia’s drama hit its peak. She “stole” Higgins away from another contestant — much to the annoyance of the other contestants — before telling the camera it finally dawned on her that Higgins might be considering the other women (shocker), and said she was nervous for the first time on the show. Ultimately, she got the last rose, meaning she’ll stick around at least one more week. Contestants Amber and Rachel were the contestants eliminated, leaving 12 remaining women heading into Episode Five.

The teasers for next Monday’s episode, Feb. 1, showed more drama with Olivia, as she belittles other contestants, sparking multiple feuds. Watch or read next week’s Tidings to find out if Lauren B is able to get one step closer to the final rose.

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