Plus, parasite detected twice in city water and deputy police chief position authorized

Two top city bureau personnel changes were announced last Wednesday.

First, Bureau of Human Resources director Anna Kanwit announced her retirement. In an email to city officials, Kanwit gave no reason for her retirement but said her last day will be Nov. 30. Mayor Ted Wheeler, who oversees the bureau, replaced her with assistant director Serida Summes-McGee, who was hired last year.

Then Commisioner Chloe Eudaly announced the appointment of Rebecca Esau as director of the Bureau of Development Services. Esau had been acting as interim director since Eudaly ousted former director Paul Scarlett in April. Eudaly previously replaced the director of another bureau she oversees, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, with Suk Rhee.

Parasite detected twice in city water

Cryptosporidium was detected in Bull Run water for the second time in five days in a sample collected Sunday, Oct. 22. The previous positive sample was collected Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Although certain strains of crypto are potentially deadly to humans, Portland Water Bureau officials insist Bull Run water is safe because the amounts are very low and the strains detected are unlikely to affect humans. But they recommend people with compromised immune systems consult their doctors about drinking the water.

Bull Run is the primary source of water for Portland and much of the region. Crypto had not been detected in it until earlier this year. Many of the positive results have followed heavy rains, which could have washed animal feces, where crypto is found, into the city reservoir.

Under orders from the Oregon Health Authority, the City Council recently approved the construction of a filtration plant that will remove crypto and other contaminents from the water. It will take 10 years to complete and cost up to $500 million.

Deputy police chief position authorized

The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to authorize the new position of deputy chief at the Portland Police Bureau.

Mayor Ted Wheeler requested the position to serve between the chief and existing assistant chiefs. The maximum salary would be $186,576 a year.

Wheeler appointed former Oakland Deputy Police Chief Danielle Outlaw to head the bureau in August. She is being paid $225,750 a year, which includes a 5 percent bonus for living in the city.

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