Suspect approached officers with what looked like a knife and refused to follow instruction before being Tazed.

MULTNOMAH COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - Emanuel ManzanaresPolice arrested a man who threatened them with 12-inch long knife sharpening rod on Saturday evening.

Emanuel Manzanares, 38, was lodged at the Multnomah County Jail on charges of menacing and domestic violence harassment.

A two-year-old pit bull was also shot during the incident. It is in stable condition and recovering from its injuries.

"The safety of officers and the community we serve is my top priority. Officers are placed in quickly evolving events on a daily basis. As is standard procedure, the use of force review for this incident was initiated and will be investigated by the officers' command staff and the Portland Police Bureau's Professional Standards Division," says Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw.

According to police, the investigation began at 9:26 p.m. on Nov. 4 when North Precinct officers responded to a disturbance in the 6700 block of North Fessenden Street.

As officers were responding to the scene, emergency call-takers continued to collect information about the exact nature of the disturbance. The first person to call to 9-1-1 stated they needed police and an ambulance, but did not provide additional information and hung-up. A second caller said that someone was going to be injured and stopped talking, although the call-taker could hear a disturbance in the background.

As officers arrived and approached the residence, the emergency call-taker received additional information from a caller. This caller stated the suspect possessed a knife. The information was relayed to the arriving officers, who could see a figure inside the apartment swinging his arms and another person that appeared to try and protect him or herself from the suspect.

As officers were proceeding toward the apartment, a man came out and approached them with what appeared to be a knife in his hands. Officers instructed the suspect to drop the object in his hand multiple times. The man eventually threw the object to the ground a short distance from where he was standing. As officers continued to provide the man instructions so they could check on the welfare of the occupants in the apartment, the man refused to follow their directions.

During this time, a dog came out of the apartment and barked, growled and charged at an officer. The officers told the owner take control of the dog as the officer tried to back away from the dog. The owner could not gain control of the dog, however. As the dog continued to lunge at the officer, an officer fired his handgun, striking the dog once.

The officers continued to give the suspect instructions, but he would not comply with them and walked in the direction of the object he had thrown down and the apartment. Believing he may attempt to re-enter the apartment, officers deployed their Taser at the suspect, at which time he was taken into custody.

Once the suspect was taken into custody, the dog's owner transported the dog to an area emergency veterinary clinic.

As officers investigated, they determined the suspect was holding a 12-inch long knife sharpening rod as he approached them.

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