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Clackamas River Water mulls $40 million investment

Clackamas River Water is moving forward with a $40 million bond intended to upgrade the district’s deteriorating infrastructure and to improve water transmission and storage in its south service area over the next eight years.

On Thursday, Dec. 3, CRW commissioners will be meeting in a work session to discuss the proposal.

Additionally, “the board will be holding a public comment forum to inform and receive feedback on the bond project on Dec. 10, at 6 p.m. prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting,” said CRW Executive Assistant to the Board Karin Holzgang.

CRW’s largest line items on its estimated list of bond projects are two water storage projects totaling $18.5 million (the 152nd Avenue and Beavercreek Reservoirs). Three large water transmission main projects (Butterfield Lane, Hattan Road, and Grasle Road) account for an additional $9.5 million; and the remaining balance includes several pump stations and additional transmission main projects.

The total estimate is currently $38.8 million. If not needed, CRW may not sell the full $40 million in bonds that are allowed under the currently proposed resolution.

“These are the numbers as we have them currently. As we get closer to finalizing there may be some adjustments,” Holzgang said.

Although the CRW Board has the authority to decide on the bond, a registered voter who resides within the boundaries of the district could file a petition referring the question of whether to issue the Series 2016 Bonds to a public vote.  If the petitions containing valid signatures of more than 5 percent of the district’s voters are collected, the bonds would be placed on the next available ballot.