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Oregon City's historic Elisee Meresse House catches fire

Water rescue follows in busy night for local firefighters -

At 9:46 p.m. on Aug. 14, Clackamas Fire was dispatched to 1312 Madison St. in Oregon City, where a single-family house was found with a substantial fire that started from a BBQ on the front porch.

PHOTO COURTESY CLACKAMAS FIRE - Firefighters make entry into the Elisee Meresse House to be able to put out the fire within 15 minutes of the 911 call.Designated as a local historic resource in the McLoughlin neighborhood, the Elisee Meresse House was constructed around 1890 by a French immigrant. The age and construction of the home allowed the fire make its way into void spaces and eventually the attic.

Within 15 minutes of the 911 call, firefighters had extinguished the bulk of the fire. Two hours later, the fire was fully extinguished.

According to Clackamas Fire officials, the homeowners stated that they had used their BBQ roughly four hours earlier and had shut it off. It is unknown why or how the BBQ rekindled and started the fire. All of the residents were able to get out of the home safely.

At 9:48 p.m., two minutes after the Oregon City fire was called in to 911, a water-rescue call was dispatched near Carver.

A group of seven had been enjoying the river when night set in on their float. Unsure of their exact location, they stopped and called for help. The Clackamas Fire Water Rescue Team with the assistance of TVF&R, were able to locate the families and float them down river to safety.

It was noted that the parties involved were not prepared for being on the water after sundown. Of the seven people involved, only one child had a life jacket.

As a reminder, Clackamas Fire spokesman Micah Shelton said everyone should have a life jacket when on the water — especially minors.