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Clackamas County grand jury declines charges against Oregon City police officers

On Wednesday, June 15, a Clackamas County grand jury declined to indict Oregon City police officers in connection with the May 21 shooting of 38-year-old Travis Anthony Moore.

Moore was under arrest for reportedly attacking his neighbor and making derogatory references about his neighbor’s sexual orientation in January. A warrant issued out of Oregon City Municipal Court stemmed from the altercation Moore reportedly had with his next-door neighbor.

Officers David Edwins and David Plummer will now return to duty as the Oregon City Police Department begins the internal review of the incident.

"This event was a tragedy," Oregon City Chief of Police Jim Band said. "Mental illness has become the No. 1 issue facing law enforcement. Our department has made crisis intervention training a priority; both of these officers had been trained in recognizing the signs of mental illness and de-escalation techniques. This incident has forever changed the lives of Mr. Moore's family and the officers involved."

After the shooting, members of the Clackamas County Major Crimes Team were called to the scene to conduct the following investigation. Here's what investigators concluded:

The shooting occurred at approximately 1:46 p.m. when the officers contacted Moore to serve an arrest warrant.

Moore unexpectedly opened the front door as officers approached it. The uniformed officers informed Moore he had a warrant for his arrest and they attempted to take control of him. Moore immediately resisted and while doing so pulled one of the officers into the apartment.

Moore began to fight with the officers. During the fight, Moore lunged for a hammer and attempted to hit one of the officers on the head. One of the officers attempted to use a Taser to control Moore, but the Taser was not effective.

During the continuing struggle Moore attempted to take control of one of the officer's handgun. The officers described Moore pulling at the holstered firearm and attempting to place his fingers into the holster to pull the trigger of the gun.

One of the officers discharged his handgun twice during a violent struggle for control of the other officer's handgun. Moore sustained a grazing wound to the arm and gunshot wound to the chest. He continued to fight with officers after he was shot in the chest. He could not be controlled until additional officers arrived at the scene.

Shortly after he was taken into custody Moore began to lose consciousness. Officers immediately began giving Moore medical attention until paramedics arrived. Moore died on scene and one of the officers was taken to a local area hospital where he received treatment for injuries.

The Oregon State Forensics Services Division conducted a test and determined Moore was the major contributor to the DNA found on the grip of the officer's firearm. Investigators also learned Moore had a long history of mental illness and had been off his medications for a considerable period of time.