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Lincoln rules mock law championship, as opportunity debate rages

Education advocate Jason Trombley shares thoughts on boundary change and LHS victory

COURTESY PHOTO: ANDIE PETKUS - Lincoln High Schools Classroom Law Project team, who won the state championship in Portland Saturday. Education advocate Jason Trombley took a break from the hugely controversial school boundary discussion Saturday to celebrate a huge win from a high school team he advises.

Lincoln High School’s We the People Classroom Law Project team earned its 20th win, returning to its long-standing supremacy. Grant High School won first last year and also earned second place this year. Lincoln and Grant will face off again at the national championships in Washington D.C., April 24-26. Oregon has the most wins of any state in the nation.

The simulated congressional hearings at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse — attended by U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici as part of her local tour — were part of the Classroom Law Project which brings civics and law experiences to about 50,000 Oregon students each year. TRIBUNE PHOTO: SHASTA KEARNS MOORE - District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee chair Jason Trombley at a recent meeting. Trombley also advises the Lincoln High School constitutional law team, which won state on Saturday.

The LHS team is coached by teacher George Ten Eyck and 10 advisers, including Trombley.

“I am elated with the team's win on Saturday,” said Trombley, a LHS alumnus whose own constitutional law team placed third in nationals in 2001. “Seeing these students grow and mature over the past 10 months has been incredibly rewarding.”

Trombley is active in civics and works as a public relations professional. He says he has seen an intersection in the expanding popularity of the Classroom Law Project in Portland and his work on the District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee for Portland Public Schools.

For the first time in this, the 29th year of competition, five PPS high schools competed: Lincoln, Grant, Franklin, Wilson, and Madison.

“...It’s a new era for the competition, and what it means for program opportunities in our entire system,” Trombley said, noting that a Skyline K-8 School parent has reached out to him to help start a team at Roosevelt High School next year. “In this (DBRAC) process, we are truly building a system for all students, and as both a PPS and Lincoln Constitution Team alumnus, I feel blessed to be at the center of that work and this new era of academic opportunity.”


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