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WL-WV School Board keeps busy amidst superintendent search

While its board of directors admitted the search for West Linn-Wilsonville’s new superintendent is the most pressing thing on their minds, they spent their regularly scheduled board meeting April 4 taking care of other business as they await applications from prospective candidates.

The first agenda item of importance was the adoption of the 2016-17 inter-district transfer process for students requesting transfer into and out of the WL-WV district.

Deputy Superintendent Kathy Ludwig said that in the event that there are more requests than space available a lottery will take place, giving preference to non-resident students currently attending school in WL-WV. Siblings of students currently enrolled in the district would get next preference, followed by students making new non-resident requests.

“In making this recommendation we did think very carefully with documents we got as well as information from (Operations Director Tim Woodley) about current space capacity and capacity into the future,” Ludwig said. “We also need to indicate a closing date and we have recommended June 13, which is the Monday following the last day of school.”

In total 45 inter-district slots for students wishing to transfer into the district will be made available, which Superintendent Bill Rhoades said shouldn’t affect any budgeting or overall enrollment numbers based on current projections.

The board approved the recommendation unanimously.

Regarding the renovation of the Wilsonville High School Performing Arts building —one of the district’s four major bond projects — Woodley said the district received three quality bids from contractors during the public process, with the low bid coming from TS Gray Construction LLC. Its bid of $2,303,215 was just below the district’s estimate and budgeted allotment of $2,369,363 for the project.

The project has an expected completion date of December, 2016, and is slated to begin as soon as school is out for summer.

Board member Keith Steele was curious as to how the work in fall would affect parking lot traffic and music programs that utilize the facilities for instruction on a daily basis.

“We have some internal milestone dates connected to the contract, such that the parking lot in the front and building shell will be done in the summer so that construction impact on parking lot traffic will be minimized for the start of school,” Woodley said. “We’ve done a lot of work with the high school staff, providing them with extra containers and they’re thinking about how to multi-use certain spaces for academic activities.

“Those instructors were involved in the design stage and have been contemplating the entire time. We knew we couldn’t get it done in one summer, so they had the choice to start early, and be displaced in the spring, or would you rather be displaced in the fall. They concurred as a group they’d rather start school in some temporary spots, get it done, and then have it for the performance work and those final products in the spring.”

The board unanimously approved the resolution, and will reconvene for an April 18 work session.

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