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Metro launches Crashmap tool to share data with residents

Oregon Metro has launched Crashmap, a new interactive tool intended to allow anyone to view and track regional vehicle-crash patterns. While the information has been available in the past, this is the first regional-level compilation accessible to the public.

“We’re used to making decisions with better and better information,” said Metro Planning and Development Director Elissa Gertler in a press release. “Tools like Crashmap help all of us make better decisions, whether it’s figuring out how to get where we’re going or prioritizing investments for improving transportation safety.”GRAPHIC: OREGON METRO - Crashmap allows users to view accident hot spots, and search with a variety of filters, such as time or type of collision.

Crashmap was launched in conjunction with Metro’s work with local partners updating a regional transportation safety strategy. The strategy, set for completion in 2018, aims to cut the number of deaths or serious injuries for pedestrians and drivers in half by 2035.

Crashmap shows crash hot spots from 2007 through 2013. That data can be sorted by criteria including mode of travel, severity, if drugs or alcohol were involved, the type of collision, time and road surface condition.

“Every day we hear concerns about major arterial streets — fear of crossing them, unwillingness to walk or bike on them. Metro’s new crash map shows these concerns are well-founded,” said Carl Larson, engagement manager for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in a press release. “This type of visual brings data-driven urgency to our metro area-wide campaign to ‘Make Big Streets Safe.’”

Kari Schlosshauer, Pacific Northwest regional policy manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, said the map makes it clear that the region has a lot of work to do in order to reduce crashes, particularly on major streets and intersections.

To view the Crashmap or for more information about the project, visit crashmap.oregonmetro.gov.

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