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Portland No. 8 greenest city in nation, survey says

TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Portland ranked No. 1 in the number of farmers markets per capita, according to a new survey of green cities by WalletHub.Portland is the eighth greenest city in the nation, according to a new survey by WalletHub, the online financial services company.

A WalletHub analysis of environmentally friendly policies and practices in its 2016 Greenest Cities in America survey, found that Portland — which prides itself on being very green — ranked No. 8, behind San Francisco, Honolulu, San Diego and Oakland.

According to the survey, the Rose City ranked 20th in greenhouse gas emissions per capita; 16th in the percentage of green spaces; 13th in percentage of commuters who drive; fourth in bike commuting; first in the number of farmers markets per capita; 12th in a median air quality index; and, 19th in walkability.

The top 10 greenest cities in America are:

• San Francisco

• Honolulu

• San Jose

• Fremont, Calif.

• San Diego

• Washington, D.C.

• Oakland

• Portland

• Sacramento

• Minneapolis

Seattle ranked No. 11.

To determine the greenest cities in America, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 most populated cities on the environment, transportation, energy sources and lifestyle and policy.

WalletHub is owned by Evolution Finance Inc. of Washington, D.C.