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Novick facing more challengers?

Commissioner Steve Novick may be getting challengers to his 2016 reelection bid.

Architect Stuart Emmons confirms to the Portland Tribune that he is "seriously considering" running against Novick next year.

Emmons is well known as co-founder of Friends of the Memorial Coliseum, a nonprofit dedicating to the preserving the mid-century architectural landmark. Novick has proposed selling it to a developer who promises to build affordable housing on the site.

And Mutnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith, who has not discouraged rumors she is thinking about running against Novick, recently called a review of county assessment practices that are discouraging the construction of new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which the city has been promoting. The county assessor has been significantly raising the taxable value of properties with new ADUs.

“For the past few years, the City and County have looked high and low for ways to increase the availability of housing in Multnomah County,” Smith wrote to County Chair Deborah Kafoury on Nov. 16. “Now we find out that that while the City has done its part to enable homeowners to put in ADU’s, the County Assessor’s office has made an interpretation of the tax rules that is sending tax bills skyrocketing.”

Novick is already being challenged by Fred Stewart, Michael Durrow and Joseph Puckett.