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Mt. Hope Farms is finalist for Good Food Awards

MT. HOPE FARMS - Premium Spiced Marionberry fruit spread from a Molala farm is a finalist in national competitionMolalla’s own Mt. Hope Farms has been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Good Food Awards. The Good Food Award is a national, distinguished award for food crafters who make food products that taste delicious, are authentic and are made from responsibly grown ingredients. Mt. Hope’s product met the full criteria and scored very high in the national blind tasting part of the competition in the Preserves category.

“We are a finalist for our Premium Spiced Marionberry Fruit Spread, and are in great company with other amazing producers, farms and artisans,” said Laura Ellis, who owns the farm with her husband, Mike. “This is an amazing honor.”

The annual competition is held in San Francisco, Calif.

Mt. Hope Farms, LLC is a small, diversified, family farm on the outskirts of Molalla. The Ellis family specializes in unique berry and fruit crops and artisan preserved foods that are made by hand in small batches. “As a family, we want to grow crops that have great flavor, are highly nutritious and are less common than many already found in the Willamette Valley,” she said.

With that in mind, Mike and Laura have put their energy into growing aronia, haskap, table grapes and several varieties of orchard crops. The berries and fruits can be enjoyed fresh and in the Mt. Hope line of preserved foods.

The fruit spreads and preserves are made with simple ingredients, including low amounts of organic sugar. They work to create unique flavor pairings as a twist on the traditional and to enhance the fresh fruits, berries and produce. Many of the main ingredients used to make their prize-winning products are grown right on the farm. If they can't grow all the ingredients themselves, they source from local farmers.