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Gasoline's still cheap, but Oregon in top five for expensive fuel

TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Even though it costs less at the pump, Oregon is still in the top five states for the highest gas prices in the nation.The price of gasoline in Oregon is still at a nine-year low, even as “refinery issues” push the average cost across the state up by 10 cents.

But Oregon is still one of the top five state for the most expensive gasoline in the nation.

AAA Oregon/Idaho reported Monday, Nov. 9, that maintenance at refineries led to a 2-cent increase nationally in the average cost of a gallon of gasoline. Oregon’s average cost is $2.40 a gallon, after a 10-cent increase.

“Despite the increases, both averages are at their lowest prices since mid-February and are the cheapest for this date since 2006,” says AAA Oregon/Idaho Public Affairs Director Marie Dodds. “A heavy refinery maintenance season combined with unplanned outages is creating regional volatility in retail gas prices. Here on the West Coast, Chevron’s refinery in Richmond, Calif., is reportedly undergoing the largest turnaround work in the refinery’s history, and is now reporting a major unit shutdown. This is creating some supply issues in the short-term, sending retail gas prices higher in the region.”

The West Coast has the most expensive gasoline. AAA Oregon/Idaho reported that Hawaii ($2.87) had the nation’s most expensive gasoline. California ($2.84), Nevada ($2.71), Washington ($2.51) and Oregon ($2.40) are the top five most expensive markets for gasoline, according to AAA Oregon/Idaho.

Who’s paying the least for gasoline? Drivers in South Carolina ($1.95) and Alabama ($1.96) continue to pay the lowest prices at the pump.

Oregon’s diesel prices went up 2 cents to $2.60 a gallon. Nationally, diesel sells for an average of $2.49 a gallon.