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TriMet electronic fare system work begins to 'Hop'

COURTESY OF TRIMET - A metal post at a TriMet transit station is just one part of the new Hop Fastpass electronic fare system. The post will hold fare system e-card reader.By the end of 2017, TriMet riders will be able to hop on board Portland-area buses and trains using Hop Fastpass, a new electronic fare system being installed across the region.

The Hop Fastpass uses a smartcard on a reader to pay for rides. It will be valid on C-TRAN buses, Portland Streetcar and all TriMet buses and trains.

COURTESY OF TRIMET - Construction crews have installed the electronic fare system posts in several transit stations around the region. More work is expected in the next few months.COURTESY OF TRIMET - A new e-card reader will be attached to steel posts installed at most transit stations around the region.“We chose Hop Fastpass after an exciting and collaborative process that included feedback from riders,” said Chris Tucker, TriMet’s director of revenue operations and project manager for the new electronic fare system. “Our riders asked for a name that was easy to say and remember, speaks to its speed and efficiency, and promotes a regional identity, yet is intuitive as a payment system.”

Using the system, riders will be able to tap the Hop card on an electronic reader and board.

For the past couple of months, crews with contractors Stacey and Witbeck and Raimore Construction have installed the system that will eventually become Hop Fastpass at transit stations and center across the city.

Beginning next week, construction on TriMet rail platforms will install stainless steel masts that will be used for the card readers. Crews have installed the foundation for the system, putting in the underground equipment necessary to power Hop card readers on the platforms.

Work will continue at about 30 stations in the next several months.

Riders will see other e-fare equipment going in on board C-TRAN and TriMet buses, as well as Portland Streetcars, sometime in 2016.

“Hop is a major step forward using state-of-the-art technology to make paying fare simpler,” said Tucker. “Based on the popularity of our current mobile tickets — more than 5 million sold in less than two years — we think riders will embrace Hop.”

The system will also support customers tapping Apple Pay, Google Wallet and contactless bank cards. Some features, like the “pay as you go” monthly pass, are only available using the Hop card.