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Girls 'induced' into sex acts sue Beaverton Stars Cabaret for $8 million

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO - Two teenage girls who say they were forced into sex acts at Beaverton's Stars Cabaret are suing the nightclub and its owners for a total of $8 million.Two teenage girls who say they were abused and persuaded to do sex acts in Beaverton’s Stars Cabaret, are suing the nightclub’s owners for $8 million.

The girls, identified as S.H. (who was 13 at the time of the incidents) and A.G. (15 at the time of the incidents), are each seeking $4 million from Stars’ owners, including Frehoo Inc., High Life LLC, IHAT Inc., JMS Holdings Inc., and a handful of business officers.

The lawsuits were filed Friday, July 8, in Washington County Circuit Court. Stars’ owners and a company attorney have not commented on the girls’ lawsuits. No court date has been set in the cases.

BOLI civil rights charges

The lawsuits are the latest chapter in Stars Cabaret’s legal troubles that began when with investigations by the Bureau of Labor and Industries and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission into claims that the Beaverton nightclub had used underage girls as dancers.

Stars Cabaret and its owners face state civil rights charges seeking $8 million for the unlawful sexual harassment of the two girls. Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian filed formal civil rights charges against Stars Cabaret in April.

According to the bureau, from August to September 2014 — after police had arrested one of Stars’ Beaverton managers on charges of sexual abuse and compelling prostitution of a 13-year-old — the club employed another 15-year-old girl as an adult entertainer.

The Beaverton Stars Cabaret and Steak House on Southwest Lombard Avenue is being sold to Spearmint Rhino, a Norco, Calif., company that operates other exotic nightclubs across the nation and in the United Kingdom and Australia.

‘Sexual services for money’

According to the lawsuits, S.H. and A.G. both claim that when they were underage, the defendants (including Stars Cabaret owners and managers) “induced (S.H. and A.G.) to sell (their bodies) and sexual services for money for the financial benefit of Frehoo and the individual defendants.”

A.G.’s complaint claims that Frehoo and other defendants “promoted and profited from the live presentation of child pornography by employing, authorizing, compelling, inducing, and permitting A.G., a minor, to engage in the display of sexually explicit conduct for the gratification of the defendants and their customers, managers, and employees.”