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Arson charged in Lake Road apartment fire

COURTESY OF CLACKAMAS FIRE DISTRICT #1 - This photo, taken from the ground next to the Lake Road apartment building, shows the top-floor fire room's charred window.Clackamas Fire District #1 crews responded to an apartment fire reported midday Saturday, at 8122 S.E. Lake Road. On arrival it was found that the second-story fire was possibly set by someone living in the burning apartment.

Fire crews quickly went to work fighting the fire, but found the apartment door barricaded from the inside. Once they gained access, the fire was quickly contained to the single apartment unit. A total of 32 apartment units were evacuated, however. Additional crews assisted with searching the building -- and one elderly woman, with the aid of fire fighters and their O2 masks and tanks, was helped out of the apartment next to the fire. Two individuals were treated on scene and released.

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