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TVF&R donates defibrillator to KCCA


New AED is put in exercise facility at Crown Center

King City recently got a little safer when Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue donated an automatic external defibrillator, making it the second one for the city.

Jim Davis, TVF&R division chief for central operations, came to the Clubhouse on June 19 with Crew B from King City Station 35 to present the AED, which was a donation to the agency from a family who was grateful for a loved one’s life being saved by an AED.

"It's our honor to make this presentation," Davis said to a group gathered at an orientation for newcomers to King City. "Every day 1,000 people experience cardiac arrest within the U.S., which is every two minutes. Without intervention from you or another citizen, they would not have a chance of surviving."

Davis said he recently had an experience with this very issue when he was at a 24-Hour Fitness, and a man went into cardiac arrest.

"They had an AED present, but everyone was afraid to use it," he said. "That is a normal reaction. Some of the firefighters' equipment I'm afraid to use myself."

As an alternative, people can do chest compressions, and they do not have to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, according to Davis.

"Do you know the song, 'Stayin' Alive'?" he asked. "Press 2 inches down on someone's chest 100 times per minute to the beat of that song. If someone has a heart attack or cardiac arrest, the first step is to call 9-1-1, and the second step is to use CPR or an AED, and know where it is.

"I applaud the King City Police Department and the King City administration for their efforts is saving people. The police department has been instrumental in puling out an AED and using it before firefighters arrive. They can show you how to use it.

"It talks to you. It will deliver a shock and then tell you to continue to do CPR. I have arrived on the golf course, and golfers were already using an AED before I arrived. And we want to raise enough money to purchase another one for you."

King City Administrator J. Pat Moore said, "We want to thank TVF&R for donating the AED. I can't express our gratitude enough."

Moore explained later, "We've had one AED, which has been at the Pro Shop or on the marshal cart, for the golf course. That one was acquired by way of a block grant. This one will be at the Crown Center, in the exercise facility there. We're looking into ways - either by a grant, a gift or budgeting - for acquisition of a third AED, this time for the Clubhouse."