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Pride Disposal raises rates to cover higher tipping fees


King City residents may have noticed a slight increase in their garbage collection rate as of Aug. 1.

Mike Leichner of Pride Disposal told the City Council on June 20 that Metro, which controls waste collection in the metro area, was increasing tipping fees, so Pride was requesting the same increase.

Leichner asked for a 4.8 percent increase per pick-up fee to cover the increased cost. He told the council that the amount was a pass-through and did not represent any additional profit for Pride Disposal.

For example, for a 20-gallon can, the old per pick-up fee was $1.09, which increased by 5 cents to $1.14; and for a 32-gallon can, the price increased by 8 cents from $1.62 to $1.70.

The City Council approved the increase unanimously 7 to 0 at its July 11 meeting.