Local residents get relief after complaining about parked vehicles blocking view

The residents of the Eldorado Villas got a nice surprise Sept. 19, when a Washington County road crew put up a "no parking" sign to the east of their entrance/exit on the south side of Fischer Road.

Residents of the community across Fischer Road from King City have complained for years that several vehicles - spill-over parking from the small development at 125th - were always parked along the south side of Fischer, blocking their view of westbound traffic when they tried to pull out.

The issue came to a head at the April 16 meeting of Citizen Participation Organization 4K (King City), when dozens of residents of Eldorado Villas and nearby King Village showed up to complain to Stacy A. Shetler, principal engineer with Washington County's Land Use & Transportation Department.

Shetler said there were no plans to increase the 25 mph speed limit on Fischer, which at peak driving times has 400 vehicles per hour, but that in the future, Fischer would be made three lanes wide with a center turn lane because of increasing development in the area.

According to Shetler, county code now dictates sight lines (the minimum distance drivers must be able to see), but roads like Fischer were developed before the standards were established.

For a street with a designated 25 mph speed limit, the sight distance should be 250 feet.

"With the sign in place, there is room for only one car to park between 125th and the sign," Shetler said outside a CPO 4K/4B (Bull Mountain/Tigard) meeting on the evening of Sept. 19. "After the April meeting, we agreed to do a sight investigation, and there was not 250 feet from the Eldorado exit to the parked cars. With the sign, they now have 250 feet.

"There were a couple of options we could have gone with, but I selected the least restrictive, which was eliminating the parking except for one vehicle.

“We looked at different options, but we couldn't make the whole stretch a no-parking zone."

The sign was actually approved a while ago, but the county road crews were busy with summer paving jobs until the 19th.

"Eldorado is a unique situation," Shetler said. "It has 160 homes full of elderly people, and we wanted them to be able to pull out safely."

Eldorado residents said the next day that they were happy with the sign and will feel safer when they pull out onto Fischer Road.

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