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Tigard-Lake Oswego water partnership appeals denial of permits


West Linn Planning Commission votes against the expansion of water treatment facility

The Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership has filed an appeal of the West Linn Planning Commission's Nov. 1 denial of its conditional use permits for water treatment plant and pipeline upgrades.

"The basis of our appeal is that we believe our proposal is fully consistent with West Linn's Water Master Plan, Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Robinwood Neighborhood Plan," said Edward Sullivan, attorney for the partnership. "In every instance, our project advances these, bringing significant benefits to every West Linn citizen."

The city of Lake Oswego has had a treatment plant and pipelines in the city of West Linn for 45 years. West Linn has approved past expansions several times. Lake Oswego and Tigard joined together in a partnership in 2008 to upgrade Lake Oswego's facilities to provide water to their communities, including King City, other parts of the Tigard Water District and West Linn.

"West Linn has water problems," said Lake Oswego Mayor Jack Hoffman. "We have water problems. Our project helps all three cities solve their problems in the most cost-effective way."

The partnership has worked to respond to the concerns expressed by neighbors and Planning Commission: The footprint of the treatment plant has been reduced, and the construction period has been shortened. Additional landscaping and buffering amenities have been added.

"Regional cooperation through partnerships is an asset," says Mayor Craig Dirksen of Tigard. "Without it, none of us could afford the quality basic services essential for our quality of life and job growth".

The partnership expects that the West Linn City Council will hear the appeal in January 2013.