King City groups throw some money into the pot to pay for sign

by: COURTESY OF THE KING CITY CIVIC ASSOCIATION - SIGN OF THE TIMES - Ed Klasek, president of the King City Civic Association Memorial Foundation, and Memorial Foundation members Pat Quartaro (center) and Billie Reynolds stand by the new sign that welcomes everyone to King City's public golf course.The King City Civic Association now has a new sign welcoming visitors to the city, but it took a group effort to make it happen.

The new golf course sign had been needed for a long time, and the old sign/map was confusing as well as outdated.

However, the cost was higher than the King City Civic Association budget allocated, so after receiving bids for the sign, KCCA Executive Director J. Patrick Moore and Bridget Smolen, KCCA Budget Committee chairwoman, asked the Memorial Foundation plus the men's and women's golf clubs for financial help.

The Memorial Foundation agreed to pay one-quarter of the total cost. Bob Olmstead, president of the men's golf club, and Joy Hirl, president of the women's golf club, agreed to donate funds for the sign.

Gifts by the Memorial Foundation and the golf clubs covered 40 percent of the total sign cost and installation, so one might just call this united effort a "sign of cooperation."

The resulting new sign also features new lighting and utilizes new bulbs, saving the KCCA on its monthly utility costs.

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