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Newbie has sold more than $6 million in her first year

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - THERE'S NO STOPPING HER -Sandy Brewer became a real estate agent in late 2012 and has surpassed even her boss Ken Miller in sales so far in 2013.Many new real estate agents would just be getting their feet wet after a year on the job, but Sandy Brewer has exceeded all expectations in her first 12 months working for Ken Miller & Associates Realtors.

Brewer has sold more than $6 million worth of residential real estate, with Miller saying that in his 11 years in real estate, he has never seen anyone sell that much so soon.

"It really is unusual," principal broker Miller said in mid-October. "Sandy is such a smart, active person - she is just amazing, she knows so many people, and her attitude is helpful and friendly. This month Sandy is ahead of me - I'm just so proud of Sandy. Everybody loves her."

Some clients have almost fallen out of the sky - in one instance, Brewer said a client chose her from her photo among several real estate agents.

"I love what I do," said Brewer, who has lived in Summerfield for 10 years. "And I'm willing to do what it takes - help clean out a garage or paint a house."

Brewer has had a variety of careers over the years, although her primary one was working as a loan processer. She had her own company at one time, and most recently worked for Wells Fargo, "but I couldn't sit still eight hours a day," she said. "I wanted to go out and do something.

"Ken has asked me for years to become an agent so I could host Sunday open houses for properties for sale. When I decided to do it, I bought the book and even read it on vacation."

Unfortunately, she missed passing the Oregon real estate exam by one point the first time.

"The second time, I passed it by 87 percent - I was not going to fail again," Brewer said.

Brewer got her license in mid-September 2012 and had her first sale at the end of October.

"My first sale was a Summerfield townhouse listed by someone else," she said. "The buyers were my clients. We kept increasing the offer, and the seller finally accepted. We took photos with the buyers getting handed the key.

"And things just took off. I was at my first open house, and a lady from Metzger came by, and we talked quite a while. She said they were going to sell their home themselves and then would call me when they were ready to buy in Summerfield. An hour later, she called, and we listed their home, and it sold in three or four weeks. They eventually found a home on the golf course in King City.

"I had another sale where a sign was never even put up out front. An elderly man didn't want to go through his house being listed and people coming through. I had buyers, and he sold to them and moved to assisted living, so it was not a stressful experience for him. You just have to put some effort into it."

So far this year, she has had 16 listings close, and in some of those sales, she represented both the buyer and seller, plus she found homes for nine buyers; as of mid-October, she had two listings on the market.

And Brewer has been actively marketing herself as a real estate agent: "I've sent letters to everyone in Summerfield and do a mailing every three months," she said. "I've done calendars and printed the Oregon and Oregon State sports schedules. Everybody's got me stuck on their refrigerator."

Whatever she's doing is working as her efforts are paying off in spades.

"We're just proud as punch of Sandy," Miller said.

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