KCCA Aquatic Center fundraiser will pay for items not in construction contract

BARBARA SHERMAN - Valerie Schuyler, chair of the King City Civic Association's Aquatic Center fundraising efforts, shows some of the items that will be up for grabs in the Small Treasures sale in June.Valerie Schuyler, chair of the King City Civic Association's Aquatic Center fundraising efforts, invites all shoppers to a Small Treasures sale on Saturday, June 24, and Sunday, June 25, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Schuyler hopes residents will both donate new or slightly used items for the sale, "and if someone has donor's remorse, they can buy it back!" she said.

Among the items desired are personal accessories (costume jewelry, scarves, hats, gloves, belts, purses and totes); small home décor (pictures/paintings, ceramics, vases, small figurines and unique knick-knacks); and specialized kitchen items such as almost-new small appliances and cookware.

Other categories include small decorative garden items (clean decorative pots, spikes, gnomes and Japanese temples); original DVDs, CDs and LPs with records and covers in great condition; and high-end holiday decorations (Halloween and Christmas items like unusual ornaments and wreaths).

"We are raising funds to pay for things that are not in the construction contract such as signs inside and outside, a security system, key fobs and mounted cameras," said Schuyler, who has been on the pool construction committee for almost two years. "It will cover building and cleaning equipment, and pool and dressing room needs that are not covered in the construction loan.

"If we get a massive amount of money, we would like to buy a pool vacuum. As I sat in a pool construction meeting and we talked about the various things, I realized that a lot of things were not covered, and it was time to start fundraising."

The committee also is looking into mounting an investors' board to acknowledge donors, or maybe having tiles engraved, possibly by the ceramics club.

The goal is to raise $25,000, with about one fifth of it already in the piggy bank, and Schuyler envisions a graphic to be posted showing how fundraising efforts are going, possibly with a pool ladder that could be filled in as money comes in.

An ongoing fundraiser is selling bistro-style mugs for $8, "and two donors bought all the mugs so everyone we sell is profit," she added.

Schuyler is personally motivated to get the new Aquatic Center open because she is a swimmer and used to use the indoor pool.

"I moved here more than two years ago, and I got up at 5:30 and went swimming for the first four months," Schuyler said. "I was on the swimming team in college and hadn't swum in many years, but I got up to 20 to 30 laps.

"But then I stated getting sick. The air was bad, and the mold in the dressing room was disgusting, so I stopped. When the pool project came up before the board, I was ready to help out any way I could."

Schuyler is excited about the addition of a lap pool because at times other residents were in the pool with their grandchildren. "I couldn't do laps with kids in the pool," Schuyler said.

She has even thought ahead to the grand opening ceremony, where donors will be recognized first and then the facility will be open to everyone in the community.

According to Schuyler, donations are not tax-deductible; for more information, call her at 503-443-2465.

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