To the editor:

King City was the first community designed for retirees over 55 years of age in Oregon.

The early residents were dedicated to keep our city moving forward in a busy world.

When I heard of the petition making the rounds "to say no to light rail," I was disappointed.

When I learned that this petition was not just a yes or no to the rail but would actually permanently change the city charter and prevent the King City council from any discussion regarding light rail, I was shocked.

Why I am voting no to this petition:

n I see no need to change the city charter, especially when I see the deceptive way this petition was sold as a "yes or no on light rail."

n I believe our elected officials will investigate and work with all of the other regional transportation agencies to solve this problem.

n I think the cost for this special election was a waste when it could be on the ballot in November. Our city has many more important needs for this money.

I think it is important that I think of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and their future needs.

The population growth in the coming years demands that we look for transportation alternatives.

I urge you to think of the needs of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren and vote no to this petition.

Bonnie Babbitt

King City

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