To the Editor:

As the light rail issue is being bandied about, it reminded me of living in Europe where the transportation systems are more extensive and are far more widely used than in the U.S.

I remember the freedom I felt in being able to shop, visit libraries, galleries and museums, and attend plays and concerts without traffic or parking to worry about, no matter what time of day.

Now, living in the Highlands, I dread facing the traffic on Pacific Highway during the day, and I'm not as comfortable driving at night any more.

I feel restricted in what I can access. I especially miss going to plays, concerts and other events available in Portland (although I thoroughly enjoy Broadway Rose productions in Tigard).

Light rail could open up the world for me! I am aware that light rail through Tigard to Sherwood can entail a cost for us, and it might not come to pass in time for us to enjoy the freedom it could bring.

But I think about what a legacy it might be for our children and grandchildren to enable them to disconnect from the necessity of a car and the accompanying expense of insurance, gas and parking, and the ordeal of increased traffic.

I agree that citizens should have a voice in decisions like this.

I encourage us all to imagine the life of freedom we could bequeath those who follow.

Myrna Seibert


Contract Publishing

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