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Helpful autumn reminders

At the beginning of autumn, with falling leaves, foggy mornings, fresh apple cider and of course, Halloween, we are reminded of a few changes that we need to make in our daily routines.

-- As we drive around our community: During darker mornings, watch out for kids at the school bus stops; remember that the streets may be wet and often covered with leaves, increasing our stopping distances, and as we experience frequent morning fog resulting in limited visibility, drive defensively.

-- Around our homes: Take time to check outdoor lights; make sure all the window and door locks are in working order; and keep walkways free of fallen leaves.

-- Walking: Due to limited visibility during dark mornings and early evenings, when walking, use the proper side of the street facing the traffic; wear something light colored for higher visibility; be aware of your surroundings; and if possible, walk with a companion.

-- Halloween: This is the day when small goblins, princesses, hobos and an assortment of other strange and wonderful creatures invade our neighborhoods seeking special treats and we hope no tricks. To insure that the evening is a safe one, parents need to remember the following:

1. Parents should accompany their children;

2. Each child should carry a small flashlight and a form of ID;

3. Before eating any treat, it should be inspected by the parent, and if anything is suspicious, don't eat the material and make a report to the police at 503-620-8851.

4. When driving in the city on Halloween, be aware of the young people on the city streets.

Golf cart rules

King City is one of a handful of cities in Oregon that permits the use of golf carts as an alternative form of transportation within designated areas of the city.

As most residents are aware, in 2008 the City Council revised the prevailing ordinance. The revisions were able to more clearly delineate the rules governing golf cart usage. Some of the more important revisions were:

-- No driver's license is required; however, you must be over 16 years old and be eligible to get a license from DMV.

-- The use of golf carts on public streets is allowed only in the area that coincides with the boundaries of the KCCA.

-- When operating on a public street, the operator must obey the rules the road as outlined in the Oregon Traffic Code, which includes yielding to both pedestrians and faster-moving vehicles.

-- If you operate a golf cart on public streets, you need both a slow-moving placard and a King City city decal, which are free and can be picked up at City Hall.

The city has been fortunate that we have had no recent golf cart/vehicle accidents reported. However, the number of complaints about improper operation of golf carts has increased.

So if you take the advantage of golf cart transportation, make sure that you obey the rules. We all share the streets of King City.

You be the judge (or you have to be kidding)

A motorist was unknowingly caught in photo radar that measured vehicles’ speed. He later received a ticket for $160 in the mail and a photo of his car. Instead of payment, he sent the court a photo of $160.

Several days later he received a letter from the court that contained another picture… of handcuffs. The motorists promptly sent in the money for the fine.

So until next time, be safe, be friendly and be a good neighbor.

Chuck Fessler is the King City police chief.

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