To the King City community:

(Editor’s note - An article and photo ran in the September issue of the Regal Courier promoting a garage sale at the home of Elsie Battaglia and Claudia Carlson to raise money to help Carlson’s son and daughter-in-law pay down their Sallie Mae student loans. The sale was held Sept. 21-22.)

On behalf of my wife Laura and I, we thank you for the support, time and mass effort in joining us to pay off our school loan debt to Sallie Mae.

With almost $70,000 of debt, we feel like we're staring at our Goliath, challenging us to do what we can to defeat him. In times past, we've made valiant efforts yet with little to no progress, and each time we've retreated feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

That is, until the Fall-Falling-Sallie-Mae Garage Sale Event.

When we read the article describing the event, the outpouring of support, and the picture of Elsie, Char, and my mother prepping to take on Sallie Mae, my wife and I were, to say the least, humbled and affected.

To all those who donated their time, personal effects and generosity, we want you to know that we are encouraged. Encouraged to take on the fight again. Encouraged to dream again of life without debt. Encouraged to equip and prepare ourselves to finally beat Sallie Mae once and for all.

Thank you again,

Kurt and Laura Kaminski

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