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Tigard-Tualatin School District wants public's ideas


(Editor's note: This letter was submitted Dec. 23 after the January Regal Courier had gone to press.)

To the Editor:

The past couple of weeks have been filled with emotion. While we grieved the loss of those locally and in Connecticut, our schools also experienced the worries and concerns felt by many families as a result of these incidents.

District staff worked hard to increase the level of security at all of our schools and were grateful for the excellent support we received from the Tigard, Tualatin and King City police departments.

In the coming months, safety teams in our schools and at the district level will continue to keep safety at the forefront for our students, staff and volunteers.

The new year always brings a sense of hope and an opportunity to create new goals and set out to achieve them.

As a district we will actively begin the process of hiring a new superintendent who can deliver the results that we have come to expect. I truly appreciate the community members and staff who participated in our qualities-and-qualifications input sessions. The skills and abilities that define our district have been clearly laid out as we begin our candidate screening in late January.

2013 will also bring its challenges as we once again face a tough budgeting process. I encourage all you to become advocates for our district not only locally but also at the legislative level.

We are an amazing district and community: Let your voice be heard. It's our children's future at stake.

Maureen Wolf

Chair, Board of Directors

Tigard-Tualatin School District