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Bike riders should obey traffic signs


To the Editor:

Being a licensed driver for the past 64 years (plus two years driving on the farm unlicensed), I am wondering why people riding their bicycles do not follow the "rules of the road" while riding through King City.

During the week there are a few bicyclists traveling through here, but the weekends are really bad. Not only do they spread out and take up both lanes, but they never ever stop for the stop signs.

I am usually out watering my lawn, etc., when they start coming through, so I see them frequently. By the time they reach my area, they have passed through four stop signs and headed for the fifth (at King George Avenue and Prince Albert Street). I have watched them for many months, and not once has even one bicyclist ever stopped at that intersection even though there is a stop sign there. They don't even slow down.

You can hear them laughing and talking back and forth while they blow the stop sign and head up Prince Albert Street so they can get onto Beef Bend Road.

Today was especially bad... I gave up counting after 125 cyclists, and more kept coming in small (five or six) and large (25 or more) groups for another two-plus hours. Some do signal that they are turning onto Prince Albert, but most do not bother signaling.

I know cycling is good exercise, but if you use the roads, you have the obligation to follow the driving rules like everybody else. Cutting through King City to avoid the traffic on 99W does not remove your obligation to ride responsibly and safely.

If traffic tickets were given for today's "failure to stop at a stop sign," the police department would have quite a chunk of their yearly budget taken care of. Why do cyclists think they do not have to obey the traffic laws???

I know we cannot stop them from cutting through here, but they really create a safety problem. It's not just the weekend cyclists who are breaking the law; I have seen other cyclists and skateboarders doing the same thing. The speed bumps do nothing to stop or slow them down.

I do not know what can be done to solve this problem... having a police car sitting at each stop sign for half a day every Saturday and Sunday is not feasible.

It would only make them cautious until the patrol was no longer there. They are adults and know the traffic laws but choose to not follow them.

Is it any wonder that motorists resent cyclists when they see groups like we have cutting through King City?

If one of the cyclists happens to be injured by a car, you can bet they will all be screaming even if they were not following the driving rules.

Alberthia Tabor

King City