To the Editor:

Your (November 2013) paper's dedication to oldster egos and negativity once again has me shaking my head and tossing it aside in frustration. You waste my time.

Oregon's assisted-suicide law has been operating sensibly for quite some time. Yet you now bring forward column after column of anecdotal opposition.

Why can't you just let others be free to do as their own hearts and minds tell them, rather than be preached at from your front page by folks who want to tell us how to live and die?

Or, at the least, isn't it your responsibility to give both sides of the issue?

The answer is the same for so many, many of these issues: If you don't like it, don't do it! But get off the back of others who can chose to do as they feel right and necessary.

How do I get off your delivery route?

J. C. Scott


Contract Publishing

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