Spring is almost here with the promise of warmer temperatures and gentle spring showers.

As the season changes, so do our activities, such as spending more time out doors and doing our annual fix-ups.

Safety checks

It's time to check around your home and do a safety premises check to assure that you not vulnerable to burglars, prowlers and thieves.

Here are some suggestions that will assist you in making sure your home safer:

-- Revisit your security habits.

Make sure that you develop a routine to check if the doors and windows are locked when leaving, and never place your keys under the doormat or your favorite garden statue.

-- Check all door locks and window latches and window screens.

Make sure that they are in good working order; if not, have them repaired or replaced.

-- Install a proper dead bolt lock on your exterior doors.

-- When working in your back yard, make sure that your front entry is closed and locked.

Some people will take advantage of open doors and remove anything of value, including purses, wallets, car keys and check books.

-- When leaving your home, keep a light or two on, preferably on a timer.

Make sure you have exterior lighting around your home.

-- Don't let shrubs or other vegetation block your window or doors so you can't see outside; now is the time to prune.

-- At night or when you are away, be sure you keep your garage door shut.

-- When you leave on vacation or a weekend at the beach, stop your newspaper and your mail, mow your lawn and have someone periodically check your home.

Remember you can submit a vacation check request with the King City Police Department. Forms can be picked up at King City City Hall.

-- If you are at home and you think someone is prowling around your home or is attempting to break in, please call 911.

If you see suspicious persons or vehicles in your neighborhood, and no immediate danger or emergency exists, call the non-emergency number, 503-629-0111.

If you have security questions or would like a home safety check, call me at the King City Police Department, 503-620-8851 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Let's have a safe and fun-filled spring.

National Take Back Day

Although April 28 is a couple of months away, the Drug Enforcement Administration in cooperation with local law enforcement is designating that day for residents to bring unwanted prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that are no longer needed for disposal.

The program is anonymous, with no questions asked or requests for identification.

Continue to look for more information, including times and location, during the next several weeks.

The King City Police Department has registered as a drop-off site for the convenience of people living in the King City area.

If you have questions, give me a call at 503-620-8851.

You be the judge

(Or you have to be kidding)

In a state on the eastern seaboard, a janitor went to great lengths to avoid being identified in a robbery of a 7-Eleven by using a ski mask and a rental car.

However the store's surveillance camera revealed that he wore his work shirt, which had his place of employment and his name stitched across the front of the shirt!

So until next time, be good, be neighborly, and be safe.

Chuck Fessler is chief of the King City Police Department and writes a monthly column about legal and other isses of general interest to readers.

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