The King City Police Department's calls for service have remained steady during the past two months, averaging 130 calls for service per month with an additional 260 self-initiated activities.

Loss of a friend

On July 3, 2014, King City lost a good friend to a surf kiting accident in Lincoln City. Lt. Wylie "Dale" Johnson of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue was assigned to Station 35, the King City fire station. Many King City residents as well as residents from the surrounding area were recipients of the service that Dale provided as a member of a team from Station 35. As a community, we benefitted from his service, and he will be missed and remembered by all of us.

Slurpees for

good behavior

Again this summer, King City police will participate in the 7-Eleven stores' Operation Chill. This program acknowledges good deeds by kids in the community by "ticketing" them with a coupon for a free small Slurpee.

Additionally reports of good deeds submitted by residents will also merit a coupon for a free Slurpee.

In such cases, if someone observes a good deed being done by a youngster, let me know at 503-620-8851 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I'll make sure the youngster receives his/her recognition and a free Slurpee.

Noise and our neighbors

Now that warmer weather is here, many residents are apt to leave windows and doors open for fresh air. As a result, the number of complaints of loud noise, dogs barking or music greatly increase.

The first step a resident can take to abate loud noises, barking dogs or music before it happens is to approach your neighbors and introduce yourself. Then when you experience loud music or noise from a neighbor, you can approach the neighbor in a positive manner. This approach saves you from calling the police, and you only have to request police assistance when the matter becomes untenable.

All residents should be aware that everyone doesn't tolerate noise, dogs barking or music in the same way, so residents should try to keep noise or music at a modest level that does not infringe upon your neighbor. An example of music that bothers some people is the sound of a deep thumping bass.

In King City, rules pertaining to noise come under municipal code Chapter 8.04 (nuisances), Section 8.04.130 and Chapter 9.12, section 9.12.05 (unnecessary noise). As a rule, music or similar sounds may not extend beyond 10 p.m. while construction noise cannot extend beyond 6 p.m. without a city permit. So remember, what is music to one person is noise to another. Be a good neighbor by monitoring the level of music, your barking dog or other irritating sounds.

National Night Out

Tuesday, Aug. 5, is National Night Out, an evening where neighbors get together with neighbors as well as to build a partnership with the police department. This year the King City Lions Club is encouraging neighborhoods to get together and enjoy a night out with one another.

People may register their King City event at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Fae at 503-771-1711 or Mary at 503-670-9063.

You be the judge (or you've got to be kidding)

Dumb criminals aren't only in the USA. Just north of the border on a particular occasion, kids did the funniest thing. One evening a dumb criminal decided that he would strong-arm rob a residence that he had been casing for some time.

Breaking into the residence, he confronted a babysitter and with his gun demanded money. The two young kids, playing in a different part of the house, heard the commotion and ran up the stairs. Shortly after, much to the robber's surprise, the kids returned carrying their banks containing all the money they had earned.

The robber suddenly became so embarrassed and shocked that he fled the residence without any money but left a complete description. Using the description, the police arrested the embarrassed robber a short time later. I wonder if the robber thought, "Oh but for the presence of kids."

Until next time, be neighborly, be safe and be good.

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