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King City council members support Councilor Gelfand in his council race

To the Editor:

This letter comes from the entire City Council of King City in support of its colleague, Councilman Denny Gelfand.

Unfortunately, the article (in the October 2016 Regal Courier) regarding a dispute between the King City Civic Association board members and other KCCA members (was printed in) the Regal Courier before the lawsuit was withdrawn.

We all may become very upset in the heat of battle of ideas, and fortunately don’t resort to duels like Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr. But words can be hurtful as well as bullets. No one is totally innocent, or totally guilty in the various discussions and disagreements on policy and records for the KCCA.

There is enough blame to go around to all the parties. The important matter is that they all really and truly do care about the people who live in King City.

The City Council has worked with Denny for many months, especially on the 50th anniversary celebrations, which went smoothly and in grand fashion. (Over) its history, King City has been served by many volunteers who make it a fine community for those who dwell here.

The practical planning for both King City and the KCCA will continue. We hope that our colleague Denny will be with us following the upcoming election to continue the work for King City and its needs.

Let us all seek peace and pursue it!

Most sincerely,

Mayor Ken Gibson and Councilors Al Reu, Bob Olmstead, Smart Ocholi, Chi Nguyen-Ventura and Billie Reynolds.