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School district board thanks patrons for passing another five-year levy

To the Editor:

Once again, our citizens, patrons and voters have provided us with the wherewithal to continue supporting our students, our classrooms and teachers with the manpower to make K-12 public education in the Tigard Tualatin School District not just top-flight but second to none.

Your encouragement, confidence and votes give us enormous power to truly affect what happens in terms of student growth and success in all of our classrooms. But, with this pivotal financial support and power comes great responsibility.

Our continued pledge to you is to work tirelessly, efficiently, prudently and fiscally responsibly to ensure that your local option levy dollars are spent inside your children’s classrooms.

We will continue to provide the very best teachers who are more than instructors. They are daily compasses for our most precious resource - our children.

Thank you, again, for your continued support.

Tigard Tualatin School District Board of Directors: Dana Terhune, Chairwoman; Bob Smith, Vice Chairman; Barry Albertson; Maureen Wolf; Jill Zurschmeide

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