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Group works to get KCCA residents involved in community

To the Editor:

Having lived in and dealt with communities with homeowner associations for over 30 years, it is no surprise that voter turnout for the recent election in the King City Civic Association community was a dismal 20 percent of eligible voters.

Large HOAs tend toward these kinds of numbers, and I've never quite figured out why. After all, a planned community like the KCCA is designed to be inclusive. Yet year after year, only a handful of resident members (and, if the truth be known, probably the same handful every year until they die or leave the community) bother to participate in the political process of the community.

I wonder what percentage of residents bother to vote in a presidential election. Chances are it is closer to the national average of some 60 percent, even though the election of a national president doesn't affect the lives of residents of our community to any degree near what our own governing body does.

Complacency runs rampant in large HOAs until a major issue that affects the pocketbooks of residents comes to light. Only then are residents moved into action, typically to block anything that would drain their resources whether or not the expense is necessary for the good of the community as a whole. Voter turnout at that point could easily reach 60 percent.

The only explanation that explains this particular phenomenon among HOAs is ignorance of what exactly is a homeowners association, what does it do, why does it exist, and why it is so important for residents to be aware of, if not part of, its function.

A few concerned residents have thrown down the gauntlet and taken up the cause of helping to educate KCCA resident members about their homeowners association and their civic duty to participate in its function even if it only through the simple act of voting.

Through their website - KCCANU.org (KCCA Neighbors Uniting) - they hope to build a smarter, more active and inclusive community that will help to make the KCCA more than just an inexpensive place to live. It is also an open forum for all residents to voice their opinions, express their concerns and proffer ways in which we can improve the community in order to maintain property values and continue to make the KCCA desirable for current and future generations.

Please visit KCCANU.org today and start getting involved in your community.

Candee Wilson

KCCA resident/owner