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King City Holiday Bazaar coordinator offers heart-felt thank you

To the Editor:

The annual King City Lions Club-sponsored holiday bazaar was held in King City on Nov. 14 and 15. It was the 20th annual bazaar held in the King City Clubhouse After a rainy week and even thoughts of postponement, the sun came out on Friday as an omen of a successful event. There were 37 vendors, and their tables filled the ballroom, social room and even, for the first time, the conference room.

Customers were greeted at the door by lighted Christmas trees and the scent of coffee. Our vendors were ready to display and sell the beautiful handmade items at every table. The variety was endless from bird houses and feeders and copper yard ornaments to delicate fashioned jewelry and tiny baby booties.

The customers didn’t have to look far to find kitchen towels, aprons, tablecloths and runners. One table displayed gorgeous wreaths and holiday decorations; another held dolls and doll clothing.

The food was delicious; the many offerings included decorated cookies, German pastries, homemade fudge, jams, jellies, honey, chip dips and crispy sweet pickles.

Talented vendors sold framed art and hand-painted ornaments. It was tempting to purchase an item from every table and hard to choose what to buy.

Many of the vendors remarked that it was the best bazaar so far. A thank you for the excellent customer response goes to a vendor who advertised on social media and Craig’s List and even established a new website for future bazaars.

I wish to thank Brian Luoto, KCCA maintenance man, for all the work of removing furniture, storing it and then after the bazaar, cleaning the areas and replacing the furniture. Afterwards, no one would guess that a bazaar had taken place that weekend.

Three of our King City Lions passed out informational pamphlets and acted as greeters to welcome the customers, an important function of our club.

Many hours of preparation and planning went into making this bazaar a success. It is a Lions’ event, and it brings positive attention to our Lions organization and what we do.

The best I can say is that everyone had a good time, the vendors were happy and it was an excellent way to end fundraising for 2014.

Donna Kloster

King City Lions Club

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