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Former library board chairman urges yes vote on county levy

To the Editor:

In 2012, budget cuts forced our Tigard Public Library to close on Thursdays. As Tigard continues to grow, however, library use also increases. Every month, the library issues about 300 library cards to new users, and surveys show that library users want the library to re-open on Thursdays.

Today’s economic climate generates demand for the resources the library offers to those who seek jobs or prepare for new careers. The library helps countless people hone their knowledge, sharpen their technical skills and improve their prospects.

Students use the library to help them complete assignments for school. The library provides books, reference services and computers that bring Internet access to every student. Parents appreciate the educational and entertaining programs the library offers for children, not to mention the thousands of publications for kids.

Folks of all ages — including seniors and the very young — take advantage of library programs that share culture, art and knowledge of the world. Re-opening on Thursday would enable the library to answer the increasing demand for these services.

On Nov.3, voters can help the library re-open on Thursdays by approving Measure 34-235. I urge everyone to vote yes for the Tigard Public Library, a local resource that has served our community so well.

Lonn Hoklin

Former chairman, Tigard Library Board