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Streets are dangerous for pedestrians

To the Editor:

With spring here, I want to express my concern for an ongoing problem that occurs with the warmer weather. Every single day I see people with babies in strollers and those walking dogs aimlessly meandering two or three abreast of each other down the middle of my street without an apparent thought to traffic.

Even though there are many new stop signs, almost nobody stops at the ones near my house, and the worst ones are the speeding bicyclists. I have yet to see even one come close to stopping at the stop signs near the intersections I see. They speed carelessly through all of them.

People, it does not matter if there are no sidewalks or if you think a pedestrian always has the right of way, you are no match for a speeding bicycle or car. Tragically, I see this as an accident waiting to happen.

Marilyn St. Clair

Garden Villas

King City