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Lots of positive changes are happening at KCCA

Redecoration of the King City Clubhouse banquet room and preparation of our main community room for rental use are nearly complete. An ad-hoc Rental Management Committee is working to create literature, a website and other material to let potential renters know of their availability. The committee will be networking through a variety of means to “get the word out.”

The expectation is that the space(s) will attract folks planning class reunions, weddings, training programs and a variety of events. The rental fees have not been established. They will depend upon days, dates, season, size of group and number of room(s) used.

It has always been important to schedule our personal events well in advance of our desired dates to reserve our particular space and time. It will be even more important from now on, to arrange desired dates as far in advance as possible. In the past, clubs and organizations have convened in December or January to set dates for their annual events.

Every effort will be made to accommodate resident needs before outside use is scheduled. However, with increased use of our space, more flexibility in scheduling rooms for our own personal use will be needed to make the rental plan work. And there will be a positive reward for our cooperation!

The Board of Directors has implemented this shift of usage of our community buildings in an effort to help offset our rising property maintenance costs. It is their intention to keep our annual fees at the present level and eventually reduce them through development of this new income source. It will take time for this income stream to reach fruition. Let’s be patient and cooperative during this transition.

Presently golf course income, transfer fees, donations to the Memorial Foundation and annual member dues are the sources of income that support our community. We have aging buildings, extensive landscaping with many trees, and common areas that require constant maintenance. Putting our buildings “to work for us” will help convert our negative cash flow (money out) to a positive cash flow (money in). We can’t expect this transformation to happen overnight.

Like any new business, there will be a start-up phase, as we put the advertising in to place and begin to attract clients. As our space becomes better known we can expect that clients will return year after year to hold their annual banquets and business events here.

Every one of us will benefit financially from the new income source. Let’s help the space rental project by scheduling our own personal usage very early and by “getting the word out” to anyone we know who may be looking for a beautiful place to hold a special event.

Looking forward to better times,

Peg Beckwith

King City